At the end of June 2017 BESTSELLER FOUNDATION formalized an investment into SOLARKIOSK AG that will see SOLARKIOSK increase the number of kiosks – dubbed E-HUBBS – that it currently has in its core countries of operation in East Africa; Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda. The solar panels that lend their name to the business are the backbone of mini-grids that can power E- HUBBS in a number of configurations depending on the context – e.g. a market place, a health center, a business hub or a mix thereof.

The investment will enable SOLARKIOSK to set up an additional 85 E-HUBBS and with an average of 5,000 households in the catchment area of each E-HUBB some 425,000 households will feel the difference a nearby E-HUBB makes. In addition E-HUBB operators will be recruited locally – in some places one and in other places two – which will create direct employment for approximately 120 people.

There’s a strong mission alignment between BESTSELLER FOUNDATION and SOLARKIOSK which provides the basis for a solid partnership that will enable, empower and enhance the sustainable economic development of communities at the base of the pyramid.